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    Pasquale Bruni

    and The Love of his Life






    From designer of precious collections to creator of jewellery in which the artist’s body and soul merge to create masterpieces of fine jewellery. This is the story of Pasquale Bruni, the story of a continuous professional evolution and of a life and artistic inspiration that began many years ago. While still a very young man, Pasquale Bruni took his first steps in the jewellery world in the workshops of Valenza, the international heart of craft jewellery creation. He soon mastered the techniques and secrets of fine jewellery, laying the foundations of what would ultimately become one of the maison’s distinguishing traits: meticulous care for detail.

    His business career started in 1976: with a team of five collaborators, Pasquale Bruni founded Gioielmoda, a small craft company. Simple yet unique shapes; rare gems and shimmering stones characterise the distinctive, unusual yet harmonious style of the designer’s collections.


    Lifestyle Magazine VictoryON held an exclusive interview with Pasquale Bruni devoted to his artistic achievements.


    How old were you when you created your first jewellery? What did it look like?


    My career in the world of jewellery began as a young boy in the goldsmith workshops of Valenza, the cradle of the Made in Italy mark of fine jewellery. At that time, the high-end jewellery had a very classic style. I decided to create jewels with a contemporary, joyful touch. For my first collection, I was inspired by Calabria, the area where I was born. My jewels had the shape of hearts, suns and stars. Symbols that represent my childhood.


    Please tell us about your parents and about your childhood. What are your brightest memories of this part of your life?


    My father used to travel a lot so I remember every minute we spent together. Calabria, the land where I was born, is always in my mind. I remember the days at the beach or in the mountains, dreaming while looking at the blue sky. I think this special landscape shaped my soul and my creativity too.


    What contributed to your choice of profession and who was your teacher?


    I was fascinated from an early age by the art of jewellery. I worked alongside Italy's best goldsmiths and jewellers, artists in every sense of the word whose creations were revered by Italian and international celebrities. I learned the secrets of Italian manufacture that are at the base of my work.


    What was the life changing moment in your career?


    When I decided to open my own laboratory and start my adventure. I used to work with 5 artisans. Some of them were younger than me and I use to teach them the secrets of the jewellery art. But it was during the night, in the silence of my laboratory, that I used to create my best jewels.


    Please tell us about the happiest moment in your life, and about the day when you experienced your biggest disappointment.


    The happiest moments are the ones linked to my family: when I got married and when my children were born. The biggest disappointment was when I started my adventure as a designer. I was 20 years old, a young man, my creations had a new character and all the high-end jewellery boutiques were so classic at that time. Could you imagine how hard it was to get them to understand my art?


    Have you ever thought about quitting your dream of creating beauty? What gave you the strength not to give up?


    Creativity and jewellery are my life; you can't quit that.


    How much time does it take from having the idea to the completion of the finished piece of jewellery, and how many people get involved in it?


    It depends on the jewel shapes, but at least 6 months. Usually we have 15 persons involved in the creation of a jewel.


    Where do you get your inspiration when creating new jewellery?


    Nature inspires me, in particular the colours of wood in autumn, as well as people around me and my passions.


    Mr. Bruni, as you are a creative person, is it difficult for you to work to order?


    First of all, I am an artisan. I know every step that leads to the creation of a jewel. I'm creative but in my job I also need to be well organised.

    Who has been your support, your friend, your confidant throughout these years?

    My family, which shares my passion and my work, is my best supporter.


    What personal qualities do you value the most?


    Humility, because we never stop learning. I appreciate people who work hard every day to reach the best result.


    Do you have any other interests and hobbies apart from work?


    I love art and cooking Italian food. Cigars and wine are my passions too.


    Creation of beauty requires a lot of energy. How do you replenish it? Do you have a favourite place for recreation?


    My place is perfect to regenerate. I smoke a good cigar while tasting a good wine, spending my time with my beloved.


    Please tell us about famous people who you consider as real friends.


    I had the opportunity to work, become friends with and grow up side by side with the best and most famous Italian goldsmiths. I had my creativity and they shared with me the secret of their art. Moreover, some of the greatest jewellers are my friends and it's a fantastic to spend my time with them, having dinner together, talking and drinking a good glass of wine.


    Mr. Bruni, what colours are your favourites from the new spring-summer season for 2016?


    Orange, red and brown.


    Every person has their own philosophy of life. What drives you spiritually?


    Faith in the future.


    Our Lifestyle Magazine VictoryON represents a lifestyle where beauty goes hand in hand with kindness. Mr. Bruni, please tell us about your past and future charity projects.


    We will support with our Amore (love) collection Fondazione Pangea Onlus. It is a non-profit Italian organisation that helps women around the world to become stronger and independent trough microcredit. They also fight to put an end to violence against women.


    His international success testifies to the creative instinct of this artist, who, while preserving the original imprint of his art, has the ability to anticipate future trends, adapting to an increasingly competitive market. His aesthetic choices come from the heart and from his passion for jewellery, which he imbues with all the power of body and soul, moulding gold and precious stones into pieces of jewellery with an unmistakable style. His original collections display modernity, elegance and discretion. Gold, precious stones and diamonds together with feelings and emotions translated into ideas, moulded with craft care and technical skill, make Pasquale Bruni a timeless interpreter of fashion, art and design.









    Champagne  Armand de Brignac Rosé








    The exclusive prestige cuvées of Armand de Brignac are crafted by 11th generation champagne growers, the Cattier family. With more than 250 years of experience in Champagne, their intuitive knowledge of the unique land provides them the ability to masterfully select and blend the very best vintages, villages and varietals for each Armand de Brignac cuvée.


    The Armand de Brignac Rosé was created as a unique expression to showcase a distinct wine-like quality. Strawberry, currants and cherry abound on the nose, with floral hints and a touch of sweet almond. The red grape dominance in the blend brings a structured palate filled with black fruits, cherries and hints of baked pastry. The Chardonnay brings the lightness and elegance.


    Crafted with hand-picked fruit from the most emblematic terroirs of the Champagne region, the Armand de Brignac Rosé gains its salmon blush hue from the addition of 10-12% of still red wine to the final blend. This Pinot Noir is harvested from old vines that produce fruit with great flavour intensity. This provides a deeper texture to the champagne and richer red fruit nuances, making it a perfect wine to enjoy from the start of the night and throughout an entire meal.


    The Armand de Brignac Rosé is an ideal aperitif or pairs well with truffled veal, duck confit and wild salmon.










    Fashion with Purpose







    Natalia Vodianova, Naked Heart Foundation and Zarina present their third “Fashion with Purpose” collection created in collaboration with students with autism.


    The Spring-Summer 2016 collection created under the “Fashion with Purpose” project has been unveiled in Moscow. This is the third collection created by Zarina in collaboration with Natalia Vodianova and the Naked Heart Foundation. The images on which the collection is based were designed by young people with special needs who attend the Anton’s Right Here centre, one of the Foundation’s partner organisations and Russia’s only social habilitation, education and creative activity center for adults with autism. During a special workshop, the students were asked to dream up an image based on the theme of a boundless Russian meadow in full bloom. The delicate, colourful wildflowers and lush green grass that emerged from the young artists’ brushstrokes give the collection a bright and airy feel.


    As the pieces were unveiled at Russia’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, mothers and daughters took to the catwalk to show off matching outfits from the collection. Among the models were eight-year-old actress Nika Kirillova, who has Down's syndrome and whom the audience recognised from the "Don't be Silent" ("Ne molchi") project, and her mother Mila.


    Natalia Vodianova, founder of the Naked Heart Foundation, commented: “I want to dedicate this collection to all mothers of children with special needs. This show is very special for the Naked Heart Foundation. It is the first time Nika Kirillova, who has disabilities and starred in the “Don’t be Silent“ music video, has appeared on the catwalk. She walked down the runway with her mum Mila just as they walk to school, shops or the playground every day. I saw the audience’s warm reaction and I really believe that people will feel just as warmly towards Nika and other children like her in everyday life. This is a major step towards an inclusive society in which there is a place for everybody. I’d like to thank Zarina for helping us take these important steps together”. For Mila and Nika, the fashion show was a continuation of the “Don’t be Silent“ project, which aims to make society more open to people with disabilities and empower parents of children with special needs. The project began in September 2015 with the launch of Dima Bilan’s music video for his track “Don’t be Silent”. The video garnered a huge public response and gave a lot of people the strength to take children with special needs to the playground for the first time in their lives, talk openly about the problems they faced and initiate public debate about how to make our society truly open to all. As a part of the project, Nika also appeared on stage with Dima Bilan and Natalia Vodianova at the New Wave music competition in Sochi, and appeared with her mum on Russian talk show “Evening Urgant”. And she is now trying her hand at modelling! The fashion show closed with the project’s signature track “Don’t be Silent” and the models, Nika, Mila and Natalia performed the dance from the video. The “Fashion with Purpose” project is the only initiative of its kind in Russia. This is the first time people with special needs have had the opportunity to co-create collections for the fashion industry, their paintings and drawings forming the basis of each limited collection. Through the initiative, Zarina and the Naked Heart Foundation aim to show that people with special needs are entitled to the same rights and opportunities as others and that Russian society can reject social stereotypes and become more open. The funds raised from the sale of pieces from the “Fashion with Purpose” collection will go towards the Foundation’s programmes, which aim to create a support system for families raising children with special needs and build inclusive children’s play facilities.



    Naked Heart Foundation achieved a lot in 2015:

    • It organised seminars and master classes with the leading international experts for over 150 child development professionals from all over Russia.

    • 110 children, including 65 with autism, gained access to education thanks to the Foundation's school project, which was launched in 2013 and has benefited 34 classes in 6 special schools.

    • The Foundation extended its project to train teachers, which now includes training in 4 kindergartens and the creation of an early intervention centre.

    • Over 800 people, including 109 speakers from 12 countries and 85 towns and cities, took part in the

    IV international Forum "Every Child Deserves a Family", organised by the Naked Heart Foundation, with over 80 hours of video lectures and seminars uploaded online.

    • The Foundation provided advanced training to 10 specialists and helped them organise 5 integrative summer camps for 57 children and young adults with special needs. Now those specialists are applying the methods and approaches they learned at the camps on a daily basis and are training their colleagues and volunteers to work with children with autism.

    • The Naked Heart Foundation held 4 webinars for parents and teachers, which were watched by thousands of people from all over Russia.

    • Over 60 people regularly attend The Naked Heart Family Support Centre in Niznhy Novgorod.

    • Around 110 families with young children with special needs benefit from early intervention services at the Foundation's Lekoteks in Tver and Tula.

    • The Naked Heart Foundation supported the work of 11 nGOs that provide free support services to hundreds of vulnerable families across Russia.

    • Tens of thousands of parents and professionals visited the "Special Childhood" website financed by the Foundation to receive legal advice, access information on special needs and get in touch with fellow parents and specialists.

    • The Foundation created Russia's first sensory integration and occupational therapy room, which has benefited dozens of children with special needs.

    • It opened 20 new playgrounds and 1 huge play park in 21 towns for the benefit of thousands of children of all ages and capabilities across Russia.

    • Together with Russian brand Zarina the Naked Heart Foundation presented the third fashion collection created by young adults with autism.

    • The Naked Heart Foundation contributed to the release of the Russia's first music video featuring a girl with Down's syndrome, which was watched by millions of people. Hundreds of thank you messages from parents of children with disabilities were received by the Foundation following its release.


    The NAKED HEART FOUNDATION is a non-profit organisation founded in 2004

    by Natalia Vodianova. The Foundation’s primary areas of work are creating

    a system of free services for vulnerable families raising children with special needs

    and building inclusive playgrounds. Currently, the Foundation has been involved in more than 150 play sites throughout Russia, dozens of Russian NPOs projects working with children
    with special needs, leading the Family Support Centre

    in Nizhny Novgorod, the training program for school teachers working with

    children with autism, and the annual International Forum —

    "Every Child Deserves a Family".


    Thank you for your help!










    Fly with the comfort You've always wanted to have







    Lufthansa Private Jet offers you the opportunity to fly anywhere in the world and enjoy excellent service while travelling.


    All flights of Lufthansa Private Jet are run by NetJets® Inc. You will find the highest level of service and individualised attention while on board, and for certain flights you will be able to use the exclusive Lufthansa leisure areas for first-class passengers or partners' areas in airports after landing and prior to departing. As well, the VIP service will allow you to quickly board a plane without attracting unwanted attention.


    In collaboration with NetJets — a leader in the private aviation market — Lufthansa Private Jet offers you the opportunity to book a flight aboard one of their state-of-the-art private planes up to ten hours prior to departure.


    The only thing that matters is your personal schedule. You will arrive at your destination at the time of your choosing, without transfers and unnecessary waiting. Lufthansa Private Jet offers direct flights to over 1000 destinations in Europe, North Africa, and the Russian Federation, with the possibility of booking shortly before departure, as well as convenient matching with your long-haul flight via Lufthansa or SWISS airlines.


    It is no secret that the best chefs in the world work exclusively in the best hotels, where meal-times turn into a ritual. Thanks to a cooperation agreement with some of these masters of their craft, first-class passengers on Lufthansa Private Jet have the opportunity to enjoy a symphony of flavour while on board. During long-haul flights from Germany, top chefs with Michelin and Gault Millau ratings will offer you a menu of culinary delights, changing every two months. Thus, while experiencing the delicacies offered during the flight, you are also making a culinary journey, which can be described as a feast for the taste buds.


    At Lufthansa Private Jet, the airlines wants to make you highly praise every moment of your trip, which is why you are encouraged to request special drinks and products in accordance with the nuances of your personal taste. The feeling of a feast will not leave you even for a moment if you book your optional individual meals. At Lufthansa Private Jet your wishes come first.


    If you so desire it, flying above the clouds can become an immersion into the world of entertainment. Lufthansa Private Jet has expanded the entertainment programme during a first-class flight — they have doubled the collection of feature films. 100 films can be viewed in eight languages, and they have also increased the number of films for passengers from the Middle East, India, Japan, and China. As well, over 200 television programmes are available now, as well as entertainment designed specifically for families with children.


    Fans of TV shows will now be able to enjoy watching entire seasons of their favourite shows. Also, thanks to they new technologies, it is now possible to follow the latest news, sports events, and international music sensations, and receive current information about the flight and Lufthansa. They offer a wide range of listening options: CDs with a great selection of rock, pop and classical music, as well as audio books and programmes from more than 30 radio stations around the globe.


    Lufthansa Private Jet guarantees a quiet and peaceful atmosphere during the flight, which is necessary to focus on business issues. Effective soundproofing in the cabin reduces the noise level to a minimum. On board, you will find enough space for everything you need. Imagine that you're at cruising altitude and at the same time connected to the world: a phone and a fast broadband Internet connection FlyNet® are available to you.


    Lufthansa Private Jet offers a unique set of services, the highest level of comfort, and individualised attention to each client. In other words, Lufthansa Private Jet is a new incarnation of quality of travel for passengers who want to travel easily and with pleasure.







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    If you have not yet visited the most outstanding luxury motor show in the world, not to worry: held in April, this year's event Top Marques Monaco awaits not only professionals and connoisseurs of stunning supercars, but also those who are ready to applaud the unimaginable luxury of custom-made exclusive watches, exquisite jewellery and works of art.


    КGrimaldi Forum Congress Centre located in the heart of the Principality of Monaco is perfectly suited for the display of luxury lifestyle items. Along with the auto show, visitors can pay tribute to a stunning collection of super yachts right here on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Top Marques Monaco Show is highly innovative: in recent years, it welcomed a helicopter exhibition that has attracted

    even more visitors and ensures the promotion of all the offered products in international markets. Undoubtedly, Top Marques Monaco is more than just an auto show.

    It is known that the Principality of Monaco is a place of the famous Formula 1 race and a section of its track is rented for exciting test drives of luxury vehicles. Admiring spectators see celebrities sitting behind the wheels of these cars, who often are customers of the supercar show at the same time. Guests have already tested the risky turns of this track — "Porter", "Chicane" and “Tobacco" — and this year will bring new sections, perfectly suited for the demonstration of the supercars' abilities, thereby providing a thrilling driving experience. Typically, these test drives are performed by guests of the highest ranks and that naturally attracts many potential buyers.

    There is no doubt that the Top Marques Monaco Show, which is specially designed to display limited editions of products (luxury cars, jewellery from the best Jewellery Houses and watches that are true works of art), will also be the benchmark for luxurious living and one of the most spectacular events on the planet this year.



    From the very beginning D’Joya’s exquisite miniature sculptures have been led by the story, the provenance and the setting. Behind each intricate creation is a wonderful tale inspired by subjects such as the timelessness of nature and love, or simply art itself. The pieces are created by hand by D’Joya’s team of highly-skilled craftsman in India  using the highest quality gems and stones that embody the best in design, composition and cut. Each collectible item from D’Joya provides a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. They are not numbered, they are simply one off and entirely bespoke. D’Joya’s collections act as the perfect reflection of the woman you are. Something rare. A best kept secret. To be loved and cherished for centuries to come.





    Segoni Special motorcycles was founded in 1972 and was inspired from the bike passion of two brothers from Florence: Giuliano and Roberto Segoni. Today, the history of Segoni Special has a new beginning thanks to the recovery of the brand from Seco s.r.l. founded by Tommaso Contri and Lorenzo Segoni which will maintain both style and exclusivity that made this “cult” bike famous and the expression of Made in Italy.  The new Segoni Special G800 Gold (as the chassis is coated in 24 kt gold) is built with “made in Italy” top components and materials, and the production is limited to 20 units per year.




    Bamford Watch Department (BWD) proudly announces the unveiling of a groundbreaking new series of watches based on timeless Rolex originals. The Commando series harks back to vintage military design and features an essential new coating and three new colour schemes, Desert, Combat and Forest.

    These latest additions to the BWD catalogue feature mesmerising interpretations of the legendary Rolex Milgauss, Submariner Non-Date and Explorer II including unique 3-6-9 sandwich dials. The eye-catching GPC coatings are scratch resistant and incredibly hard wearing.The military grade toughness and practicality, when combined with our BWD aesthetic, ensures an unforgettable and unique timepiece. This bold new series is created exclusively by and can be purchased directly from Bamford Watch Department and from global partners. Prices are available on request.




    Kathaline Page-Guth, is a jewellery designer from Florence. Born in Geneva is 1961, Kathaline studied at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America and uses inspiration from her own personal experiences to create unique pieces. Since launching her brand last year, Kathaline has created number of collections including: Empowered, Burlesque, Alter Ego and Romance, pictured below, with white and black diamonds.  “I wanted to create a collection that expresses the true spirit of the modern day woman,” she said. “An independent woman who knows what she wants; a woman who doesn’t have to wait for a man to buy her a ring or a special piece of jewellery.” Each piece is made entirely in Italy, by highly skilled artisans from Florence.





    FJORD France: “Haute Couture” Boats. Blending the expertise and genius of the famous designer Patrick BANFIELD, the production’s experience of a German Shipyard, and the Norwegian reliability of its origins, FJORD offers you High-End boats with modern and innovative design, and unquestionable nautical qualities. FJORD France embodies “Haute Couture” units: fully customised by our team of experts according to its customers’ individual needs and desires, the models “by FJORD France” such as “The Exclusive” displayed at TOP MARQUES 2016, are boats of character, with perfect finishes and unique elegance.





    After their impressive premiere in 2015 at the IAA, Frankfurt and the Dubai International Motor Show, the Halcón SuperSport team presents their interpretation of synergy of raw performance and elegant, powerful contours under the unique and luxury oriented glass dome of the Grimaldi Forum, where the elite meet the elite.

    In the worldwide limited edition of only 25, the first Halcón SuperSport model “Falcarto” stands for exclusive, German handmade perfection with loving attention to details and sophisticated technology. The aesthetic dynamic carbon body not only enhances performance leverage but also transmits a bold luxury class statement in the “S” version. This version features a clear coat finish with a hint of colour which allows the precious carbon to shine through. This and various additional options for the customer's personalization of each individual car is part of the philosophy of this unique super sports-car: “Only the best for the best”. The performance of the “S” version has been increased from

    640 to 740 PS and sets a further technical exclamation mark. The interior delights with a sportive feel-good ambience including the exceptional design details of the hand-selected leather to the technical goodies which perfect the driver's enjoyment. A state-of-the-art entertainment system not only provides you with your personal “Falcarto“ adventure soundtrack, but enclosed in a special carbon casing, is true eye-candy.

    Feel like a one-of-a-kind spin along the Côte d'Azur? The “Falcarto“ is exclusively available at selected international luxury class dealerships.










  • EVENT:










    The world's largest jewellery and watch industry exhibition, Baselworld 2016, is an unforgettable event, where the participants — globally renowned manufacturers — demonstrate their skills to a delighted audience. And this is far from the first time. Over the past 11 years, the watch and jewellery brands went ahead of the times with great success and became trendsetters. An extensive range of displayed watch and jewellery collections successfully dictates not only the preferred trends, but also the style of modern life. The nuances of this business and its possibilities truly are uncountable, so in order to help clients understand their subtleties, the most prestigious brands and best retailers unite under one roof and the media provide detailed coverage of the event. Sometimes, only one step is needed to reach the perfect image, to choose the right watches and flawless jewellery, but tranquil superiority can only be granted by unsurpassed brands. No wonder the couturiers, designers and marketers working in the widest range of industries draw inspiration by strolling through the halls of the exhibition more than 30 kilometres in length. The same can be said about many international celebrities, who honour this outstanding show with their presence. Baselworld 2016 expects a record number of visitors which is brought about by the ever-increasing interest in the world of things which create elegance, culture and self-confidence. Obviously, both the venue of this grand show and its visitors dictate their rules, so that's why the exquisite and graceful pavilions and stands of the exhibition are designed and decorated by world-famous architects.



    In each one of the latest NANIS Collections you will find special iconic pieces with absolutely innovative transforming effects...

    You will be surprised to find out in how many ways you will be able to wear their masterpieces! Emblematic in this case is the Trasformista Collection: the brand has been creating Trasformista necklaces and bracelets since ever, but they still are their best seller so they decided to re-vamp the whole collection last year to celebrate NANIS  25th Anniversary. Their Trasformistas are special pieces: single jewels with 2 ways of proposing themselves. You can wear them in a more Classical Allure or transform them — with a simple, elegant gesture, in precious accessories with a more Natural Appeal. But the real pride of all their innovation is the Trasformista bracelet/necklace: thanks to its special design you can totally change the look of this jewel, turning it from a bracelet into a necklace!





    ANTONINI jewels are made exclusively in Italy and reflect a powerful bond with the city of Milan, and it’s fashion and jewelry-making traditions. Founded in Milan in 1919, the ANTONINI brand instantly became a “must have” of the Italian aristocracy. In 1989 the third generation of ANTONINI jewelry designers, Sergio Antonini designed a new line of high-end stylish jewelry, reinterpreting the family tradition with reimagined designs. Within a few years ANTONINI won the “Diamond International Award”, the most famous award in the jewel-making industry. Almost 30 years later the undeniable trend-setter, Sergio Antonini, continues to interpret the brand's history as  creative director, designing extraordinary collections and unique pieces.

    Internationally acclaimed, stars such as Carrie Underwood, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Alessandra Ambrosio and many more have worn Antonini.




    Constant Force Tourbillon

    British watchmaker John Arnold (1736-1793) ranked among the most eminent specialists in marine chronometry. Established in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Arnold & Son continues to find inspiration in its founder's work. The Constant Force Tourbillon is a technically superlative wristwatch that reflects the eighteenth-century watchmaker's ingenuity. The manufacture movement is equipped with a constant force mechanism and true beat seconds. The former has two series-mounted barrels at 12 o'clock that ensure an optimal and regular flow of power to the tourbillon. The latter, which can be seen between 7 and 8 o'clock, stores energy from the balance via a spring, which it releases at each elapsed second only. The seconds hand therefore advances incrementally, allowing time to be read with greater facility and precision. 28-piece limited series. Movement: mechanical hand-wound, A&S5119 manufacture calibre, 21,600 vib/h, 39 jewels, twin barrel, 90-hour power reserve. Functions: hours, minutes, true beat seconds, tourbillon and constant force. Case: red gold 18K, 46 mm. Domed sapphire crystal with multi-layer anti-reflective coating on both sides, transparent back. Water-resistant to 30 metres (3 bar/100 ft).

    Dial: visible movement with twin barrel at 12 o'clock, tourbillon between 4 and 5 o'clock, true beat seconds between 7 and 8 o'clock. Seconds counter and anthracite inner bezel ring with red gold appliques 18k.

    Bracelet/strap: patinated brown bottier alligator, hand-stitched with red gold folding clasp 18K.




    Historiador Vuelo

    In Havana in 1882, time moved to a different beat. This was a "tiempo lento", an unhurried time that allowed each moment to be savoured. Cuervo y Sobrinos has transposed this celebration of life into a flight — "vuelo" in Spanish — between past and present. The Swiss watchmaker with the Latin soul is reviving one of its historic models, which it revisits with the elegance and style of today. The case benefits from a highly complex construction. The lugs, meanwhile, are fashioned as separate parts then perfectly adjusted as a continuation of the chronograph pushers. The dial displays information in a carefully orchestrated layout on three levels: small seconds and minute counter on the first level, the 24-hour scale for the second time zone, hour-markers and numerals on the second level, with minutes and seconds on the third level. Movement: mechanical automatic, CYS 8120 calibre on a Dubois Dépraz 30342 base, 51 jewels, 28,800 vib/h, decorated and chased oscillating weight, 40-hour power reserve.

    Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, GMT over 24 hours, date, tachymeter.

    Case: stainless steel, 44 mm. Tachymeter scale engraved on the bezel. Anti-reflective sapphire crystal front and back. Water-resistant to 30 m (3 bar/100 ft). Dial: ivory. Luminescent hands.

    Bracelet/strap: alcantara with alligator inserts, steel folding clasp.




    Mother of Pearl

    Aesthetic refinement and horological complications engage in a subtle dialogue on this watch in pink gold PVD-coated stainless steel that gives pride of place to the graceful charm of mother-of-pearl. The romantic touch of an elegant moon phase is complemented by the useful day and date indications. The shimmering iridescence of the white mother-of-pearl dial is softened by a wave motif that glows in the light of the hour-markers set with Swarovski crystals. The pink gold PVD-coated stainless steel bezel is also adorned with a halo of 60 Swarovski crystals. The dainty elegance of this timepiece extends onto the bracelet featuring a pleasing contrast between the warm shades of pink gold PVD-treated stainless steel and the sporting touch of white ceramic. The feminine wrist is thus gently caressed on any occasion, whether in daily use of for sparkling evening wear. Movement: quartz Ronda 706.1.

    Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, day, date, moon phase. Case: 316L steel with pink gold PVD coating, 37 mm. Bezel in 316L steel with pink gold PVD coating, set with 60 Swarovski crystals. Sapphire crystal. Water-resistant to 50 m (5 bar/165 ft). Dial: white mother-of-pearl dial with wave motifs. Hour-markers set with 12 Swarovski crystals. Date at 3 o’clock, moon phase at 6 o’clock , day at 9 o’clock.
    Bracelet/strap: pink gold PVD-coated stainless steel and white ceramic links. Folding clasp.









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